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9 min - It only takes for the quantity of wood needed for a two-storage wooden house made with the log building system to grow in the area in Slovenia.


Gozdno gospodarstvo Slovenj Gradec

Gozdno gospodarstvo (Forest management) is the owner of the company Lesoteka hiše. It is the oldest still operating wood company in Slovenia and a partner that a wooden house manufacturer can only wish for. Since its establishment in 1947 and up until today, Gozdno gospodarstvo has been in charge of managing wood in the area of Koroška and in wider areas.


  • Satisfaction of costumers and high quality of products and services;
  • Taking care of the environment;
  • Employees with a wide knowledge, enabling changes and progress that suit our mission;
  • Responsible and ethical work in everyone's interest: owners, environment and employees;
  • Support of greatness in the areas of sport and culture and a contribution to higher living quality in our business area.


 You can read more about the company Gozdno gospodarstvo Slovenj Gradec on their web page

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