Wooden house quality

Wooden house Lesoteka quality


To our company Lesoteka hiše, the most important achievement is the satisfaction of the customers. We can assure flawlessly built objects, because we frequently test and maintain our high levels of quality. This is also confirmed by certificates that comply with all EU directives and standards.


Regarding the recording and standardization of wood hardness we obtained the CE-certificate for massive construction wood for buildings and bridges (SIST EN 14081-1: 2006 + A1:2001). This certificate allows us to sell our products in all countries of the EU.

Lesoteka hiše are mainly built with Slovenian wood, cut mainly in the forests in Koroška. Slovenian forests and wood managing have been considered as an example of good practice for years. The owner of company Lesoteka hiše and at the same time the supplier of the wood, the company Gozdno gospodarstvo Slovenj Gradec has gained a considerable amount of experience and knowledge of wood managing during the 65 years of history. For this reason, we obtained another certificate – Sign of responsible wood management, issued by Forest Stewardship Council.